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Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

The Personalized Photo Teddy Bear is a perfect gift for your grandkids or loved ones. This cuddly plush teddy bear wears a sweatshirt on which your favorite photo can be printed to amaze your dear ones. The cotton sweatshirt is removable to enable easy cleaning. You can make this photo teddy bear even more special by adding your own character template or favorite caption. Made of plush material, this personalized teddy bear in brown is soft to touch. Perfect for kids aged above 3 years, this lightweight plush photo bear features bean-bag paws that make it all the more adorable.

•  8" high when sitting
•  Bean-bag paws
•  Removable cotton sweatshirt
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Teddy Bear
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We recommend using a landscape (horizontal) photo for this product for the maximum 3" x 5" display. A portrait (vertical) photo may be cropped and will result in a smaller image.