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Passport Prints
NEW! Passport photos are now available to order online.

Are you traveling for business or pleasure? New laws now require passports for travel to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean for all adults, children and babies.

Order your pair of passport photos online for pickup in one hour at your local Walmart store. You can also have the photos delivered to your home.

Read the Official Passport Photo Requirements

Photography Tips
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Fast & Easy passport photos taken by our stores associates also available.
Interested in having your passport photos taken by our store associates?
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 Create Passport Photos
Our online passport photo system provides a quick and easy way to order your passport photos. Simply upload a passport-appropriate photo and make any necessary edits. You can pick it up in one hour in your local Walmart store.

Our easy process will help ensure that the passport photos you create meet all the government guidelines.

Photos must be taken:
  • In color
  • In front of a plain white or off-white background
  • Within the last six months to reflect your current appearance
  • In full-face view, directly facing the camera
  • With a neutral facial expression, both eyes open
  • The camera should be placed at eye level of the person being photographed, at least four feet away
  • Lighting should be provided from three sources to eliminate shadows:
    • Reduce shadows from overhead lighting by positioning light sources on both sides of the person being photographed
    • Ensure that the person being photographed is close to an evenly-illuminated white or off-white background
    • If the person being photographed wears prescription glasses, slightly tilt the glasses downward, remove the glasses, or turn off the camera flash to eliminate glare
  • Ensure the background is free of patterns, objects, textures, etc.
  • Clothing requirements: No uniforms, hats, headphones, wireless hands-free devices, dark glasses, or anything covering the hair or hairline; head coverings and clothing worn daily for religious purposes is acceptable
  • The upper body of the person being photographed should be included in the viewfinder or screen display of the camera, with space above the head
  • Hand-held self portraits, snapshots, magazine photos, mobile phone photos, full-length photos, or vending machine photos are not acceptable
  • Photos cannot be copied, scanned, digitally enhanced, or altered to change your appearance in any way
  • Babies, children and toddlers:
    • No other person should be in the photo with the child, baby or toddler
    • The child should be looking at the camera with their eyes open
    • Suggestions: Lay the baby on their back on a plain white or off-white sheet, or cover a car seat with the sheet and photograph the child in the car seat

Please refer to the US Government passport site for further details:

PLEASE NOTE: Walmart is not an acceptance facility for passport applications; we do not issue passports. You will find instructions on the application for submitting your photo and application to the State Department in Washington D.C. Questions? You can contact the U.S Department of State at 1-877-487-2778 or visit their website at