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Photo gifts and crafts can make getting ready for baby's arrival a breeze:
Feature a snapshot of the mama-to-be on Photo Greeting Cards for the perfect baby shower invitations.
While counting down the days, start making Birth Announcements so they're ready when baby arrives.
Create a Photo Book to tell the story of pregnancy and preparation for the new baby. Imagine how fun it will be to look through it again someday when your baby has a baby!
Now that the little one is here, it's time to spread the word with personalized Birth Announcements! If you make and save photo card announcements in advance, all you have to do is add the birth date, time, and a photo. For an extra dose of baby love, you can include a Print or Photo Magnet and seal each announcement with a Photo Sticker.
Of course, the quickest way to show off the little one to friends and family is sharing photos from your Walmart Photo account. Visit our Sharing Tips page to learn about sharing with an email, on Facebook, or in Group Rooms.
New babies and holidays are both causes for celebration! To make this year extra special, create a Baby's First Christmas Photo Ornament to hang on the tree year after year. If the new baby has older siblings, be sure to make them their own ornaments, too!