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With a little help from our editing tools, any photo can be the perfect photo! You can find these free tools under "Edit & Organize" in the blue menu on any photo or album page.
When you need to remove background clutter or focus in on the subject, the cropping tool is for you.

To use it, open the photo you want to crop. Click "Edit & Organize" in the blue menu at the right, then click on "Crop & Enhance." On the next page, click the Crop tab. Our SmartCrop tool will guide you so that your photo is cropped to just the right size and doesn't get too small to create prints and photo gifts. When you're done, click the orange button to save your changes.
Red-eye happens to even the best photographers! Fortunately, it's quick and easy to remove red-eye with our handy tool.

Open the photo you want to edit and click "Edit & Organize" in the blue menu at the right. Click on "Crop & Enhance," then click "Remove Red-Eye." When you mouse over your photo, a square will appear with a cross in the middle. Just center the cross on the red part of the subject's eyes, click the mouse, and the red is gone!

Don't forget to save your changes - click the "Done Editing" button when you're finished.
Lovely mom A picture may be worth a thousand words, but some photos just have to have a caption.

To give a photo a caption, open it up and then click "Caption this Photo" under the Edit & Organize menu at the right side of the page. On the next page, type your caption in the text area at the right. (You'll need to delete the default or existing caption.) When you've got the perfect caption, click the "Change Caption" button to save it.
You can rotate photos that are upside-down or flip a photo to its mirror image. Just click "Rotate" under the Fix menu, and then choose whether you'd like to rotate it left or right, or flip your photo. Photos that are upside-down will need to be rotated in the same direction two times to face up.
Want to make a print that really pops? Add a border to your photo!

Click on the Borders tab on the fix and enhance page, and then click on a border to preview it on your photo. Use the dropdown menu above the borders to see more border categories. To remove a border, click the "Remove Border" link underneath the border images.
Give any photo a classic, artistic feel with a black-and-white tint. Click on the Fun tab on the fix and enhance page, then click "Black & White." Be sure to click "Done Editing" when you're finished to save your changes.

You can play around and try the other tints, too. You might be surprised at how different your photos look with a pink or green tint!