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First day photos

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The first day of school is coming and so is the special first day of school photo. Take your photos and get prints in any size or add them to keepsakes.

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Back to School

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Back to School Gifts

Get ready to start the new school term with Walmart Photo. Going back to school can be an exciting time for kids, however it can also be daunting! We offer a unique range of personalized gift ideas for children to help increase their enthusiasm and prepare them for the school year ahead. From personalized backpacks to store their supplies, to tote bags to carry their lunches, notebooks for scribbling notes and accessory pouches for their stationery supplies, our back to school gifts are ideal for kids of any age.

For those of us whose children are starting their first day of school, this is a momentous occasion and the obligatory first day of school photo is a treasured keepsake for parents and grandparents alike! So this term be sure to snap a few photos and turn them into little momentos, you can share with the family to remember the occasion.